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Current time: 2022-09-27 21:51
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andy grey - highway [04:07]
DC.Clark - Sky Phenomena [03:53] at 21:53:00
X-formZ - Blood Valley (It's the Journey) [05:39]
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Ziphoid and fnordpojk - Off Air  at  2009-04-23 21:59:42 (119:18)

This track has been given 29 ratings.

Average rating:
3.8 / 10
Rated and commented:
by GyrosGeier who shouted: Nice.
by Topy44 who shouted: What just happened there? Real, proper black metal on Scenesat? Woah.
by Flashy who shouted: [EDIT: apparently this track is disabled. oh well] i queue this when im angry as fuck
by Chainsaw who shouted: Mhh not really scene-related (?) but anyway great track (for metal fans)
by the hellridden Baron who shouted: Wow, really didn't expect a black metal song here. A little too much of late Dimmu Borgir in there, though.
by Rainbowchazer who shouted: Well. Black/death metal. On SceneSat? Who'da thunk it?
by Byproduct who shouted: I'm not against metal but I don't see what's so great about this track. The sounds are crap and it loops like two riffs on repeat.
by irwin who shouted: what a crap!
by Alexander Morou who shouted: Just noise.
by MH who shouted: Wrong station, Satan
by zeg who shouted: not for zeg
by BDE who shouted: This is just a mocked crap. :(
by emoon who shouted: Agrees with MH

16 members have rated it, but not given any comments.

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