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Strukt - M End of Reason (Engage Remix) [05:06] at 19:01:04


Here is a list of the people and companies who have made this radio a reality. This list will grow as we continue our journey to the stars...
Music for rotational: Ketil 'Hazel' Jensen
Scenerelated history and info: Sir Garbagetruck
Logo design: Markus 'LMan' Klein / Remix64.com
Welcome picture composition & Flash player: daXX / The Ravebusters
Sputnik modelling: H2o / TRSi
Banner design: Johan Carlberg
Basic template design: Tony / Neuromodule Design
Coding: John 'Ziphoid' Carehag
Forum software: vBulletin
Web IRC chat: Mibbit
PHP framework: Kohana
JavaScript framework: jQuery
Weather icons: Digital *CHET
Other icons: Mark James
Server hosting: GleSYS
Relay hosting: Salyut / SJ-1: GleSYS
Ikonos: SpriteLink / emj
Oscar: eklof
Sentinel: T-101
Server setup and management: Mattias 'fnordpojk' Bergsten
Radio software: SAM Broadcaster
Relay software: Icecast
Nullsoft SHOUTcast
Server side audio processing software: iZotope Ozone
Tweaking of audio processing: Erwin 'Tron' Beekveld
Help with SAM PAL-scripting: Kenneth 'Slaygon' Mutka
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