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Current time: 2020-07-14 01:07
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Perfect Blind - Syncope [08:54]
Dj Scally - Music From The Space [03:42]
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This track has been given 14 ratings.

Average rating:
6 / 10
Rated and commented:
by MaxHall who shouted: Love this track - awesome!
by Cyrex who shouted: Starts out ok. Absolutely love the progression of the track half-way to the end.
by Byproduct who shouted: Not sure which one came first, but this is so close to PPK - Resurrection they might as well have called it a remix.
by Zaphoid who shouted: Speed this up and you have Happy Hardcore! Nice classic sound.
by braveis who shouted: If you like PPKs resurrection, You´ll like this automatically... kinda...
by MH who shouted: Unload all DJs. Upload Eduard Artemyev - Siberiade theme (1979) Vangelis - Alpha (1979).

8 members have rated it, but not given any comments.

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